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1 IEEE/IET Electronic Library(IEL) Online FullText view
1a IEEE/InnovationQ Plus - Patent Search Platform view
2 Science Direct FullText View
2a. Science Direct - Chemical Engineering FullText View
2b. Science Direct - Energy FullText View
2c. Science Direct - Engineering FullText View
2d. Science Direct - Materials Science FullText View
3 Science Direct (Engineering Backfiles) FullText View
4 Science Direct (Material Science Backfiles) FullText View
5 SAE International Journals FullText View
6 SCOPUS Database View
7 Emerald (Accounting & Finance, Management Science & Operations) FullText View
8 Engineering Research Resource - ProQuest Technology Collection FullText View
9 JoVE Journal - Cancer Research ( Video Journal) Video View
10 Web of Science Database View
11 Wiley Online Library (908 Wiley-Blackwell Journals) FullText View
12 ProQuest Trial Access (Management) FullText View

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S.No. eJournal Name Contents Link
1 American Chemical Society FullText View
2 ASCE Journals Online FullText View
3 ASME Journals Online FullText View
4 Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) Database Database View
5 JCCC (J-Gate) Database View
6 J-Stor FullText View
7 MathSciNet Database View
8 Oxford University Press FullText View
9 Springer Link 1700 Collection FullText View
10 Nature FullText View
11 Taylor and Francis Journals FullText View