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The University Library is located in 3 places, the College of Engineering(CEG) campus, Madras Institute of Technology(MIT) campus and School of Architecture and Planning(SAP) campus in a sprawling green eco friendly environment spanning across around 4025.49 sq.mts, 1256 sq.mts and 1200 sq.mts respectively. Library Around 10,157 registered uses are in access of the library. Many knowledge-based services like that of Reference, Bibliography, MALIBNET service., DELNET, Reprography, CD-ROM Databases, Internet browsing and e services are provided by the library for its users.
All the library functions have all been well automated and entry into the library and book transaction is made possible with RFID Technology using smart card. Presently the entire computerization activity of the library has been revamped with specialized software, a comprehensive package with built in library modules suitable for the entire gamut of all library functions. Besides this, this software is more compatible with RFID Technology, which is a total security transaction module. Video Cameras have been fixed at tangible points for surveillance. The University Library is a part of INDEST consortium for e-journal access at discounted rates as determined by MHRD. This enables access to the world of nascent journals on line. As part of the Digital Library Project, which is currently in progress, some of the question papers and theses available in the Library have been digitalized. Also the library has made available the Indian Standards (ISI), ISO 9000, ISO 14,000 compendium and EI compondex in CD format. All the departments of Anna University are all well connected through network.
A full-fledged Digital Knowledge Center also functioning in the library. The Digital Knowledge centre is a gateway to the world of DKC e-resources and a one-stop shop for nascent information handling, transfer and a boon to the knowledge seeker. Most of the staff members of the library are professionally qualified and have been periodically participating and presenting technical research papers in several National and International Conferences, Seminars and workshops. Presently the library is housing a massive collection of around 1,43,205 volumes of reading material in various branches of Science and Technology. 569 foreign and Indian journals also augment and supplement the strength of document collection. Last but not the least, all the 4 constituent colleges of Anna University are well connected by network.