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Acquisition Section

The Acquisitions Section is responsible for the acquisition of all books, monographs, government documents and gifts for the Anna University Libraries. Acquisitions Section supports the Libraries' staff in their efforts to acquire and maintain information resources for education and research at Anna University.


Technical Section

Technical section classifies books, assigns call number for books, and prepares shelf list card, catalog cards, data entry sheet, due slip, book card and spines.


Journal Section

The Journal Section places all ongoing orders, including periodical/journal subscriptions, e-journal activities, standing orders, continuation orders, for all physical formats (print, microform), as well as the invoice processing for these orders. The section is responsible for the checkin and claiming for all the titles we order, with the exception of journal issues, which are received and processed locally at each library.


Circulation Section

Circulation section may be called as a lending section, which deals with issue and return of books as well as registration of Smart card to new members. Levying an fine for defaulters and fine collections, reservation of books for issue, issue of Malibnet card, issue of borrowers card to other libraries, issue of Inter Library Loan form, issue of Institutional Membership card, etc. are carried out in this section. The remainders for defaulters to return the books are prepared periodically and sent to the department. The daily fine collection from users is remitted in the bank. Also, loss of books is dealt with this section.


Book Bank Section

The book bank facility is provided only for the weaker section Students. Reference and textbooks and also other books relevant to U.G and P.G courses are procured and retained in Book bank Section. The Central Government provides the funds annually for purchase of books based on the strength of SC/ST post-metric Scholarship students. The fund is given through state government. This section takes care of applying for grants from state government, acquisition of books, stock maintenance, catalogue card maintenance, issue, return, etc. A student can borrow a maximum of 6 books with a maximum loan period of one semester.


Stack Section

There are seven stack areas, four general stacks, and one periodical back volume stack, one book bank stack and one closed reference stack. Stack area staff arrange the books in the shelves and identify the books for binding and disposal. The round label, date slip, book pocket, etc are pasted in the stack area whenever they found in loose condition or they found removed. They also provide assistance to the users to locate the books needed by the user in the stack.